One Login Concept

One Login is an Internet login system created to provide an easy and personalized web experience to you. Nowadays most web accounts allow you to have access to a variety of websites; however you don’t necessarily want your information to be revealed in the same way for each one. We pride ourselves in having found a solution to that problem.

One Login Account

Creating an One Login account allows you to gather a set of One Login identities. The purpose of having One Login identities is so that you can determine under which one you want to access websites with and what information you want to share. There are no compulsory fields to fill in when you create an One Login account; this means that it is up to you to fill in as many fields as you like.

Be aware that there is a probability that websites may require from you different information than the one in you have chosen to fill in. For instance, you may have filled in your name and country but the website requires you to provide your nickname as well. Once you do so, the extra information provided will be automatically added to the identity you have accessed that website with. As a result, all the websites linked to that identity may also benefit from that additional information.

How One Login identities work

One default identity is preset in your account which we named “Anonymous”. You may, on your own, create as many identities as you like. For each one you can link either one or several websites, this determines under what identity you access those websites. For instance, you may want to access a genealogy website under the “family” identity and a gaming site under the “friends” identity.

One Login identities’ social feature allows you to link people to one identity and share the websites linked to that identity.

You are of course invited to add, rename and delete any of your identities as well as change with what identity you access a specific website. You can manage it all on your One Login account under either the sections “My identities” or “Sites”, and “Activities” section

How we connect with third party websites

In order for websites to uniquely identify your account among other accounts, we send a unique identifier names ‘PID’ (personal identification). Your PID is different for each website so as to preserve your anonymity.

Verified One Login account

We also offer you the possibility to have a verified One Login account, guaranteed through the process of KYC verification. All of your identities benefit from this verification, however you decide which website can have access to that verification. In that case, we will give a third party certification to the website. This means that we only validate that that particular identity is certified and in no way provide information about the identity itself. If you wish to know more about the about this process and our service, please refer to our terms of service and privacy policy.